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Drawing Animals 201
Intermediate Studies Full Face, Fur, Eyes, Nose and Mouth

Students will get an opportunity to work with a remarkable medium to explore and create art that works with the incredible subject of drawing animals, fur, eyes, nose and mouth.  We'll work with colour choices, lay down, details of short and longer fur, eyes and textures of nose.  We'll explore how to draw the image so that it creates shadow and dimension and bring it all together with a good look at varied colour and texture.  

To Register please contact me: CONTACT


Animal Drawing 201

An important class for the coloured pencil artist who are interested in drawing animals.

$275 CAD

 May 11-18-25, June 1-8

9:30PM-12:30 PM PST

10% discount if you register early

(early registration means 1 month prior to start of class - March 15 final date for early registration)

For registration contact me below:

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