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Coloured Pencil 102
Drawing Plant Leaves

A good class to go along with the botanical specimen class.  In this class we'll study how to create the two types of leaves on botanical specimen.  Smooth and matt, and shiny reflective.  We'll look at the use of various materials, blenders, blending solvents and simple colour use.  

This is for beginners, but a good and clear understanding of coloured pencils is a bonus.  Students should feel comfortable on how to lay down the pencils, how to edge, and a good understanding of colour selection and choice.



A basic class for students interested in botanical illustration 

JAN 30, FEB 6-13

6:30AM-8:30 PM PST

3:30-6:30 PM EST

$155 CAD

to register please contact me.

10% discount if registration is done 1 month prior to start date

December 30

Botanical drawing bartlett PearWOR_edited.jpg
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