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Zoom Classes 2024
Registration is now open for select classes
To register go to class page

All classes are on zoom unless otherwise indicated

Discover the captivating world of color pencil or graphite art with me, Jeannette Sirois, a dedicated and passionate artist and teacher! Unleash your creativity as you delve into the intricate art of blending hues and textures, bringing life to your imagination on paper. Through personalized guidance and hands-on demonstrations, you'll unlock the secrets of shading, layering, and composition, with graphite or coloured pencils, where you will begin to really grasp the intricacies of drawing that reflects your unique style and direction. Join my welcoming classes, where passion meets expertise, and immerse yourself in an inspiring environment that fosters growth and artistic expression. Embrace the joy of colors, or b & w and let your artistic journey flourish under the tutelage of a skilled and enthusiastic mentor. Unleash the artist within – enroll now!



Coloured Pencil
Portrait Drawing

Portrait Drawing with Coloured PencilsIn this introduction class we’ll start using colour to create faces.  We’ll work with various skin tones, delve into choosing colours, layering, adding details and more.  This is a fun beginners class with lots of drawing, learning and studies.  

$275 CAD

March 16-23, April 6-13-20

9:30 AM-12:30 PM PST

12:30pm-3:30 PM EST

registration opens February 15



Introduction to Coloured Pencil Drawing

Welcome to our captivating workshop series, where you'll embark on an artistic odyssey with the wondrous medium of color pencil drawing. Through four tailored workshops, you'll come to embrace newfound effectiveness, freedom, and confidence. Elevate your skills and make colored pencils your artistic go-to for creating extraordinary masterpieces! 

All 4 workshops are meant to be stand alone but also work in unison with each other. 


  $280 for all 4 workshops or $75.00 per workshop




Working with Tech

Cameras, lighting, AI (artificial intelligence - images and writing), drawing tech for the coloured pencil artist

$175 CAD

May 2-9-16

6:00PM-8:30 PM PST

3:00pm -6:30 PM EST

Registration opens April 2, 2024

Drawing Animals 201
Intermediate Studies

Full face, eyes, nose, drawing fur, mouth

An important class for the coloured pencil artist who are interested in drawing animals.

$275 CAD

May 11-18-25

June 1 -8

9:30AM- 12:30 PM PST

12:30pm -3:30 PM EST

Registration opens April 11, 2024

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Online Meetup

Basic observational drawing with graphite, an online class through the University of Victoria

Leaves Drawing

Basic Graphite Drawing

In class Meetup

Basic Graphite Drawing for the beginner.  An in class workshop offered through my studio on Salt Spring Island.


Portrait Drawing

Levels 1- 2 - 3

Portrait drawing with graphite, online class through zoom.

Botanical drawing bartlett PearWOR.jpg

Colored Pencils

Let’s Talk About Series

Welcome to the Ultimate Workshop Series for Colored Pencil Newbies! 4 stand alone workshops which can be combined to cover all your needs for unleashing the magic with this amazing, vibrant medium!

New workshop dates coming spring FALL 2023

Drawing White

Online Meetup

Introduction to understanding how to draw white botanical subjects with coloured pencils.

Drawing Glass

Coming winter/spring 2024

Drawing with Graphite From

Your Imagination

Fun shapes, lines, textures and movement.  Explore your imagination

and find fun in the unknown!

Coming winter/spring 2024

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On the Desk

Tech and the Visual Artist

Learn a funky new skill – groove with simple tech tools to spice up your life as an artist and supercharge your artistic journey! 🚀 Embrace the fun side of creation and let technology be your artsy ally!

Coming winter/spring 2024

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