Workshops for Adults

Come join me for a fun-filled week or weekend workshop/art camp here at my studio on Salt Spring Island or other locations on Vancouver Island.  I'm a full time practicing artist with over 26 years teaching both adults and youth.  I taught visual arts to middle/high school students for 16 years in BC, and hold a valid BCTF professional teaching certification with an updated criminal records check.  I have taught adult education since 2011 and enjoy working with the University of Victoria in teaching basic drawing courses in observation and portraiture.  I have a Diploma in Interior Design, with over 10 years as a professional designer and CAD technician, and have designed and built my own home.  I also have a BFA with distinction from Concordia University in Montreal and an M.Ed in Curriculum Studies specializing in Visual Arts.  I am a current member of the Botanical Artists of Canada.



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I offer private tutoring and mentorship at all levels from beginner to advanced students looking for extra experience and input on the work they are creating using graphite and colour pencil.  My focus is botanical and portraiture, from the very basics of structure with graphite, to how to use colour.  I gear each private course based on the desired student goals and learning outcomes.  For information on private lessons contact me directly and let me know what you would love to study.

-  Basics of portraiture drawing with graphite:  Understanding structure of full, profile, 3/4 view, shading, eyes, and mouth details.  

For new or beginner students.

-  Basic observational Drawing skills:  From perspective to shape/form, value/tone,  and composition.  Working with graphite students will learn to become a more confident artist and understand the keys to successful mark making.

-  Basics of botanical illustrations with colour pencil:  Understanding colour, layering, plant structure, materials, methodologies.  For new or beginner students.

-  Intermediate/advanced:  building on basic skills, classes will be focused on what the students needs are



For more information about private lessons visit: Private tutoring

Areas of Feedback:

-  How to put a portfolio together

-  What is a body of work and are you heading in the right direction

-  Level and skill of your work, areas that need attention.

-  Skill with your medium, review of your work in relation to what you want to do with it

-  Submitting for a show/competition, what are the ins and outs, what you need to do and more

-  Feedback on individual work,  getting professional feedback I use correct terminology to discuss areas that need to be improved and give you step by step advice on the work based on professional knowledge and terminology, including the elements and principles of art.



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Course description

In this introductory course, we will explore the complex topic of portrait drawing and break it down into manageable concepts. With easy-to-follow exercises, we’ll examine the face in sections and focus on understanding how to get more accurate proportions, how to draw eyes, nose and mouth and how to put it all together in a well-proportioned drawing.



Due to COVID 19, this in-studio class is now canceled. If the class is canceled, I will consider offering it online through Zoom.   I will keep interested students updated.

Botanical Art with Coloured Pencils and Watercolour/Alcohol details

Studio 22FortyNine, Salt Spring Island

To register for this course visit: Contact Jeannette Sirois

Min 5 - max 10 students 

Price $200

May 30-31


10 hour workshop with 1/2 hour for lunch.

This workshop is for participants who are familiar with colour pencil drawing botancials and who want to focus on advancing their skills in drawing botancial works.  We'll work with live specimens and develop our rendering skills using layering.  Furthering our discussion on how to bring deeper richer colours to the paper, we'll combine the colour pencil work with beautiful fine detailing using watercolor paint with alcohol to attain clean lines and small area washes.  Along the way we'll study form, tone, and composition within the botanical field of art.  

All materials supplied. Come join me for a fun-filled weekend of drawing botanicals.
Space is limited.

For Registration:  Contact Jeannette Sirois through this webpage contact form


Workshop Info and Policies for in Studio Classes Only


Withdrawal Fees and Deadlines


A $25 fee applies for withdrawal made 48 hours or more before the workshop start date.  

No refunds will be issued for withdrawals or no shows under 48 hours before the program start date.  


Illness or Injury

A pro-rated refund may be issued if you are unable to attend classes and you have a signed physician’s note.


Removal for Conduct (youth camps)

I reserve the right to remove any student who fails to comply with our student code of conduct.  Refunds will no be given.

Online workshops using Zoom

Before participating in any online workshop using Zoom, please read the following.  It is up to the student to be fully aware and agree to the terms and conditions related to online workshops.

1-  Zoom meetings are a mix between student participation, demonstrations, critiques, instructor drawing, and Q & A.  A percentage of each class will be provided for some hands-on practice and direct question to the instructor of student work. 

2- Each week the instructor will have an online open office/student time which will be sent to students through a zoom link. Students will be requested to wait in the waiting room if the instructor is busy with another student.  Critique times are slotted to be no more than 10 minutes.  If you miss the open office time,  feedback and critiques can be done by Quicktime video if students provide work to the instructor ahead of time.

3-  Zoom meeting invitation and topic of the day will be provided the day before each meeting is to take place. If images are provided, it is up to each participant to have it ready for the class.  If images are provided during class time through chat, each participant must be aware of how to open chat on their computer or tablet.

4-  It is imperative that zoom participants never share the zoom link with others.  This is a security issue, and privacy is paramount to all attendees.  

5-  If an attendee leaves the meeting during class time, the instructor will not allow the attendee back into the class, the host is not responsible for readmission.  

6-  Class admission time will be emailed each week to students with a class zoom invite.  No admission after start time as this disrupts the class and distracts from the ongoing discussion.

7-  All attendees must be located in a room or area where no other person, pet, children or other, can cause background distraction.  Remember, everyone can see your room and you.

8-  All attendees are required to enter the class with a live video on.

9-   Please dress appropriately, do not eat, or do other activities that can distract the other participants.  

10-  All attendees must be aware of Zoom.  The instructor is not responsible for technical issues on the attendees side.


Conduct for Students

  1. Treating others kindly and politely so they can feel good about themselves

  2. Showing respect for others by being helpful and supportive

  3. Showing respect for the environment by avoiding waste or damage

  4. Co-opertating with students and the instructor so everyone can be successful

  5. Actively participate in class to get the most from your experience

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