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transitional transitions

As a devoted full-time visual artist, I find myself entranced by the delicate possibilities presented through the medium of color pencil and graphite on paper. My extensive portfolio showcases works for public installations, gallery exhibitions, as well as private and public collections.

As I move forward I am now creating work that truly speaks to my aesthetic.   My artistic journey revolves around an unwavering fascination with life's intricacies, harmoniously blending the meticulous details of hyper-realism with the minimalism of shape and color. I am inspired by artists such as Georgia O'Keefe with colours and scale, Piet Mondrian with his linear works and use of colour, Artemisia Gentileschi with her deep connection to her subject, Amy Sherald for her simplicity of colour, and form and by the light filled works of Calder and his use of colour, shape and movement.

My figurative pieces delve into pivotal subjects that deeply resonate with me, such as identity, racism, homophobia, and mental health, while my decorative works explore connections to the environment, light, and beauty. Each stroke I apply serves as a precious opportunity to traverse life's vast journey, forging an intimate connection with the grounding elements of nature, from delicate foliage to awe-inspiring creatures, encompassing humans, animals, and soaring birds.

The minimalism of bold lines, rhythmic patterns, block letters, and vivid color blocks counterbalance and provide a landscape for the hyper-realism of the main subject. Sometimes it is about a dialogue, and sometimes it's simply about the art. I perpetually seek to balance these two beloved elements, while often dealing with difficult and painful subjects.

Through the subtle dance of color, form, and linearity, I strive to elicit a profound sense of truth and serenity that resonates with me, inviting the viewer to transcend the cacophony of life and find solace within the very essence of this art.


  • 2020          Solo Show, West End Gallery, "Unfurled Petal"

  • 2020          Victoria News paper, article featuring "Unfurled Petal" 


  • 2020         Downtown Victoria article 


  • 2019            Sooke Fine Art Show, Awarded Grand Prize Winner and Peoples Choice Award

  • 2019            The Kingston Prize finalist, national portrait competition. 

  • 2019            Group Show, Salt Spring Art Gallery, Mahon Hall

  • 2019            Focus Magazine:  Large Scale Botanicals, Front Cover and Feature article


  • 2018            Professional Artist Magazine:  Feature artist


  • 2018            Representation:  West End Gallery, ongoing

  • 2017             Solo show, Salt Spring Gallery. “Portrait of Plants”

  • 2017            Group Show invited artist. “Body of Work”, Salt Spring Art Gallery

  • 2016            Group show, Salt Spring Art Gallery.

  • 2015            Award, Americans for the Art Public Art Network 2015 Year in Review, for group submission and included work "It's Written on Your Face". 

  • 2015            Surrey Art Gallery Acquisition Permanent Collection. Parkinson the Destroyer

  • 2015            Surrey Art Gallery Acquisition, Permanent Collection. Equality of Same: Lorraine

  • 2015            The Kingston Prize Group Curated Show., national portrait competition. 

  • 2015            Solo Curated Show.  Place Des Arts Gallery.  Coquitlam, BC

  • 2015            Group Show.  Pride in Art Society, Queer Arts Festival, Vancouver

  • 2015            Solo Show.  The Cultch, Vancouver

  • 2015            Group Curated Show.  Surrey Art Gallery, View from the Southbank II.  Invited artist.

  • 2014            The Vancouver Sun article on "It's Written on Your Face".         jeannette-sirois

  • 2014            Selected artist for public art installation, Year of Reconciliation, "It's Written on Your Face".   City of Vancouver, Vancouver,  BC       

  • 2014            City of Surrey Acquisitions. Selected artist for permanent collection, for City Hall artworks.

  • 2014            Education and Postcard booklet.  Images for the year of reconciliation, City of Vancouver.

  • 2014            Group Show.      Surrey Art Gallery, Arts 2014, First Place Award in 2D works

  • 2014            Group Show.  International Print and Drawing Exhibition.  California

  • 2014            Group show.  The Miracle of the Portrait.  Portrait Society of Canada, Finalist

  • 2014            Solo Curated Show.  Leigh Square, Coquitlam.  Beyond Real, an exhibition of 21 drawings.

  • 2014            Group Show.  About Face exhibition. North Vancouver Community Arts Council.  

  • 2014            Group Show and Invited artist to display at National Conference of Color Pencil, Florida.  

  • 2014            Colour Pencil Society of America.  Award: District Chapters Award for Exceptional Merit.

  • 2013            Group Show.  The Miracle of the Portrait.  Portrait Society of Canada, Finalist

  • 2013            Group Show, Juried.  Federation of Canadian Artists, International Group Show.

  • 2013            Group Show.  Surrey Art Gallery, Arts 2013, First Place Award in 2D works

  • 2005           Group Show.  Surrey Art Gallery, Arts 2005, finalist

  • 2004           Group Show.  Surrey Art Gallery, Arts 2004, finalist

  • 1997             City of Fort Nelson Acquisitions.  Selected artist for permanent collection.

  • 1997             Solo Show.  Fort Nelson Art Gallery

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