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On The Table

The art project On the Table features, a WIP project, will incorporate 12 - 15 large-scale portraits of individual in the LGBTQ+ community, capturing their essence with coloured pencils and mixed media.  The goal is to challenge stereotypes and highlight the humanity and diversity within the community.  Each portrait tells a story of resilience and authenticity, celebrating the subjects uniqueness.

The project goes beyond portraits by depicting subjects at a table with objects or symbols symbolizing their connections and experiences.  Words, brought by each subject offers a glimpse into their thoughts and feelings.  By showcasing shared experiences and normalcy, On the Table aims to break down stereotypes and promote understanding and acceptance.  

On the Table is a poignant and impactful project that sheds light on the commonalities within the LGBTQ+ community and beyond and emphasizes the importance of recognizing and accepting individuals for who they are.

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